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[w3photo] Repository Snag 1 - contribution workflow

From: Greg Elin <elin@unitboy.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2004 10:14:13 -0500
To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com
Message-Id: <9E74B208-5B12-11D8-B0F5-000393B64216@unitboy.com>

Because of the time differences in this group, I'd like to send out a 
partial update on the repository spread across a three emails for 
organizing feedback.

I hit two significant snags trying to bring the different pieces 
together and put up an initial repository. The first snag was 
contribution workflow.

Snag 1 - Contribution Workflow
The proposed vocab[1] makes clear a number of data points we must have 
in the RDF. Most of these data points relate to applying the agreed to 
CC license to the photo...and the again to the comments. We need to 
identify the author, including a date of birth (for knowing when the 
copyright expires), in addition to the person checking of an agreement 
box on form. It also seems we need for the license the date the photo 
was created! Maybe we can get this from the image...maybe we can't if 
the image was scanned. This, and having a sensible name space for 
permanently locating the images created a bit more complexity than I 

I think the lesson here is that including/agreeing to a license 
(especially when doing a group repository) creates a few special User 
Interface challenges.

I don't have a very user friendly solution at this time, so I'm 
suggesting this clumsy workflow:
1) Contributors register agreeing to the license, providing necessary 
information, and creating a login, and our selected ID method for 
identifying author in RDF
2) Contributors login.
3) Contributors pick the Year/Event to which to add photos. So the 
first step is segmenting the photos to particular years during the 
upload. We can then store the images in the repository according to 
this structure:
4) It may also make sense to initially store the images in source 
folders tied to the contributor, example:
This redundancy may prove useful down the road in creating separation 
between what's IN the core of the repository and what's in the 
contribution pile.
5) The interface encourages people to upload photos in bunches taken on 
the same date.
6) System creates initial compliant RDF and shows it to the contributor

I think the work flow turns out to be much easier if the contributor 
was just pasting in a URL to a proper RDF statement and photos. So 
maybe a better alternative is having a workflow that creates the RDF to 
describe the photos you are contributing. In this case, somewhat like 
geoURL, the authentication of the contributor is implied/trusted b/c it 
is parsed from URL that they must have authority to add pages.

Comments appreciated as well as actual coding assistance. For example, 
it could be a standalone module for adding images to a directory and 
creating and RDF for those images...Then the W3photo.org repository 
would *only* need to support retrieving the images from an existing URL.

I'm working on the contribution workflow today...will report as it goes 


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