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[w3photo] considering email list for changing nature of digital photos

From: Greg Elin <greg@fotonotes.net>
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 23:51:39 -0400
Message-Id: <BECA6724-F000-11D8-AA19-000393B64216@fotonotes.net>
To: semantic-photolist@unitboy.com

I'm considering starting an additional email list to discuss the 
changing nature of digital photos. I am interested in this far-flung 
and wise lists thoughts on the matter.

This list has been focused on the w3photo project specifically, and 
then more broadly, on applying the semantic web to photos (and photos 
to the semantic web).

So while I think there are many on this list also interested in that 
topic, I think there are also persons out there interested in 
discussing both technical and non-technical issues on digital images 
that are not interested in the semantic web. For example, I don't a 
therapist using photos in therapy would fit in this well, especially if 
a lot of the discussion is on w3photo.

What are people's thoughts on starting one or more related lists? Maybe 
another one technical and one less technical? Or does it make sense to 
just expand the topics this group discusses, invite others and see what 
happens? Or do some other lists out there already exist?

My own feeling is two or three overlapping, but differently focused, 
email lists would be a good thing for developing the community 
interested in the possibilities of digital photos.


Greg Elin
865-342-9048 fax

http://fotonotes.net - "Because photos have stories.(tm)"
blog: http://duhblog.com - "Articulate the obvious."

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