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listbox signup process misuses HTTP GET (was: confirm svbscribe to spf-announce)

From: Gerald Oskoboiny <gerald@impressive.net>
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 11:27:58 +0200
To: support@listbox.com
Cc: public message archive <www-archive@w3.org>
Message-ID: <20030626092758.GB31607@impressive.net>
[resend, sorry; I forwarded the wrong message last time.]


I just joined a couple listbox lists, and the process is very nice
but the confirmation process misuses HTTP GET: fetching a URL should
not have side effects like confirming a mailing list subscription.

Could you please change it to use HTTP POST instead? (the URL can
display a simple web form that the user posts to confirm.)

Further reading on GET vs POST:

    Forms: GET and POST

    Axioms of Web architecture: Identity, State and GET

    HTTP 1.1 section 9.1: Safe and Idempotent Methods

    HTML 4.01 section 17.13: Form submission

    URIs, Addressability, and the use of HTTP GET and POST


Gerald Oskoboiny <gerald@impressive.net>

attached mail follows:

Hi!  You have asked to subscribe to the mailing list
spf-announce@v2.listbox.com.  If this is what you want,
just reply to this message or click on the link below, 
and you will be subscribed to the list.


This list is for announcements regarding the proposed SPF standard.

The SPF standard is a hybrid of Gordon Fecyk's DMP proposal
and Hadmut Danisch's RMX proposal.  More information at

Official announcements regarding SPF will be made on this list.
You are invited to discuss SPF on spf-discuss@v2.listbox.com

If you do not want to subscribe, just delete this message.

The Listbox Robot

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