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Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 05:43:27 -0400 (EDT)
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chaalsNCE Ciao verbosus!
chaalsNCE Buone notizie (credo)
chaalsNCE Se no potremo fare il log da noi, sara possible farlo con qualcuno
che lavoro come membro d'un grupo del W3C
chaalsNCE Ma, no so gia. Vado spettare per vedere a Bristol se possiamo farlo
chaalsNCE s/gia/ancora/ ?
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verbosus79 ciao chaals
chaalsNCE Ciao Verbosus
chaalsNCE perche 79?
chaalsNCE Hai visto le buone notizie del log?
verbosus79 no, che buone notizie?
verbosus79 chaalsNCE?
chaalsNCE E secreto.. ;-) Posso dirte, ma si lo faro, vado debbere mangiarte
chaalsNCE Oup. No...
chaalsNCE Se no posso metterlo sul nostro server, credo che po utilizzare un
chaalsNCE Un ragazzo me ha ditto che no sara un problema si lo voglio, ma ho
voluto spettare un po' per vedere se possiamo al W3C
verbosus79 come si chiamava questo ragazzo?
chaalsNCE marco a bazzman
verbosus79 ARGH!
verbosus79 ho presente: ho visto un suo workshop di recente.
chaalsNCE Allora...
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verbosus hola chaalsNCE
chaalsNCE Hola Verbosus
chaalsNCE Que tal?
verbosus todo bien!
verbosus hai pubblicato i log degli ultimi giorni?
chaalsNCE No :(
chaalsNCE Non ho niente per il weekend
verbosus neanche io: ero a Venezia :-)
chaalsNCE Non troppo malo?
verbosus S T U P E N D A ! ! !
chaalsNCE ;-)
chaalsNCE sono sul telefono (come sempre, mi sembra)...
verbosus ha appena aggiornato Mozilla
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verbosus hola chaals
verbosus sta usando il nuovo Mozilla
chaalsNCE il 1.2 ?
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verbosus ciao chaalsNCE
chaalsNCE Ciao...
chaalsNCE Puoi inscrirte alla reunione a Bristol...
verbosus dove?
chaalsNCE http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/Europe/events/200210-cal/
verbosus e' ok anche se non sono un "developers working on practical tools
for calendar management"?
chaalsNCE No so - depende cuante persone voglianno venire. Ma e' meglio
registrarti e dopo dire che no vai...
chaalsNCE (ho chiesto danbri, e me ha ditto lo stesso)
chaalsNCE Possiamo parlare un po' a Bristol per decidere
chaalsNCE quindi, per ora credo che si, e' bono
verbosus ok
verbosus sono registrato
chaalsNCE Ho chiesto a danbri da verificarlo...
verbosus lunedi' sera decidiamo cosa fare
verbosus si, ma spiegagli anche che sono solo interessato al discorso e che
non sono uno sviluppatore
verbosus per cui non voglio togliere il posto a persone che devono lavorare
verbosus e visto che abito a bristol non ho bisogno di mangiare
chaalsNCE No e troppo terrible mangiare a bristol!!
chaalsNCE E visto che abiti la, devi mangiare qualchi giorni...
verbosus immagino
verbosus comunque ripeto, sono iscritto ma sono piu' che disponibile a
lasciare il posto libero se c'e' qualcuno che deve lavorare
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chaalsNCE Ciao danbri!
verbosus hi dan
danb_lap ello italians
chaalsNCE Parle Italiano anche!
danb_lap je ne spechen pas italiano :(
verbosus I was saying this to chaals
verbosus :
verbosus I'm not an active developer in the Semantic Web, yet, but am
interested in finding more about it
danb_lap sounds good
verbosus I subscribed to the meeting but am more than willing to leave my
place to people who are actually involved in the development
verbosus and, since I live in Bristol i think I won't need to have lunch
chaalsNCE said the food is not that bad, and you need to eat sometimes anyway
danb_lap thanks for that. we don't at this stage know what the demand is
like. if we have 1000s of lifelong rdf/cal developers begging to come, we can
deal with that when it happens.
danb_lap should be fine
danb_lap where do you (will you?) live in bristol, btw?
verbosus I will arrive next monday
verbosus I found a house in Kingsdown, in Thomas Street north
verbosus it's funny because when I was admitted in Bristol I didn't know
about ILRT
verbosus I found it out when I was actually starting to care about the
semantic web, much later
danb_lap cool :)
verbosus yeah! :-)
danb_lap what're you going to work on? at university?
verbosus well, the Bristol university left me stuck in the Italian Department
since I study Sciences of Communication here in Italy
verbosus so I took two cinema courses and a modern history one
verbosus but I told to dajobe that if I have some free time I may try to
empty the trash bin at the ILRT ;-)
verbosus s/told to/told/
chaalsNCE va fumare
chaalsNCE vado ritornare 3 minuti
danb_lap did you meet a 'jane crabtree' who works in the Italian dept office?
verbosus not yet, but I certainly will when there
danb_lap (she's not a semweb expert; an old friend...)
danb_lap heading offline for a bit
danb_lap hope to meet up soon... next week maybe?
verbosus well, next tuesday chaals asked to go out for a beer in Bristol
danb_lap good plan :)
verbosus yup
verbosus see you then :-)
danb_lap oh, do you have a laptop w/ wireless card?
danb_lap trying to get Bristol Uni roaming/wireless thing work... thought you
might be interested if it works as would make visiting at ilrt easier
verbosus I have a laptop but not a wireless card: *but* i plan to buy one
when there because I heard of the wi-fi networks there
verbosus yes!
verbosus BTW: do you know about consume.net?
danb_lap cool. I nearly got it working. Once you've a uni-wide login, with a
bit of work you should be able to roam wirelessy around campus, or several
depts anyway.
danb_lap no...
verbosus well, there's a lot of wi-fi stuff going on in bristol
verbosus this consume.net is a UK-wide network
danb_lap visits, learns a bit
verbosus and there are some nodes in bristol too, two near my house
verbosus but the owners don't answer to my email :-(
danb_lap nice. Our 802.ll is wide open currently. Should probably investigate
verbosus this is a tricky topic anyway: when there I will need a connection
but I don't know if ADSL is the way to go
verbosus so I may buy a wi-fi card instead of a DSL modem + contract
verbosus right now is redesigning the Bristol Sport dept website
danb_lap reads http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=6161 hears some
familar names (ben hammersley, yod...) from the london geek scene
verbosus yup
danb_lap fwiw, http://www.resnet.bristol.ac.uk/nomadic/howto/win2000/roaming/
is the roaming 802.11 service
verbosus here's a good pointer for Bristol wi-fi stuff:
verbosus yes, I knew about the nomadic network but they where unsure about
opening the service to students
danb_lap it's pretty new. They're probably open to persuasion. I want to see
if it works first...
danb_lap heads offline for a bit...
chaalsNCE scrive a marco
verbosus ha un esame domattina
chaalsNCE Good luck...
verbosus chaals, che ne pensi di questa?
chaalsNCE mi sembra buono...
chaalsNCE Verbosus, sei antonio@cevadoni.com ?
verbosus torna a studiare
verbosus a domani!
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chaalsNCE Ciao Marco...
bazzmann hola! :)
chaalsNCE Hai buone notizie per questo canale?
bazzmann In che senso?
chaalsNCE 1. Lo hai trvato ;-)
bazzmann Ah... :D
bazzmann Si...
bazzmann :D
chaalsNCE Io devo assolumente andare dormire :(
chaalsNCE Allora, a domani forse?
bazzmann Ok, va bene per domani! :)
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verbosus hola
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