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W3C Extended Architecture features 3.txt

From: Burdett, David <david.burdett@commerceone.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:51:25 -0800
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First cut categorization of brainstorming of Extended Features for W3C
architecture. Based on brainstorming at Web Servics architecture WG meeting
November 13, 2002

1)	Processing model
	a)	fault tolerance 
	b)	availability
	c)	hot swaps
	d)	scheduling
	e)	state management
	f)	presentation layer
	g)	external constraints
	h)	personalized delivery 
	i)	recovery and restart
	j)	dynamic proxy ( a service may mirror itself remotely) 
	k)	proxy
2)	Transactionality
	a)	compensation
	b)	n-phase commit
3)	Message Transport
	a)	packaging
		i)	manifest
	b)	new transport bindings
	c)	Routing
	d)	Intermediaries
	e)	cache 
	f)	reliable messaging 
4)	Semantics
	a)	localization 
	b)	I18N 
	c)	Templates
	d)	RDF
	e)	ontologies
5)	Management
	a)	manageability
	b)	resource planning
	c)	logging
	d)	reconciliation
	e)	archiving
	f)	service delivery 
	g)	versioning 
	h)	self healing
	i)	self-destroy when a service goes bad
	j)	configuration
	k)	deployment
	l)	diagnostics
	m)	self-tuning
	n)	help-desk
	o)	maintenance
	p)	auditing
	q)	security management
6)	Security
	a)	privacy
	b)	authorization
	c)	confidentiality
7)	Multiple categories
	a)	QOS
	b)	policy
	c)	scalability 
	d)	reuse
	e)	interoperability
	f)	lifecycle
	g)	Category Feature Composition
	h)	Profiles
	i)	Context
8)	Architectural approaches
	a)	Grid
	b)	Automated agent
	c)	REST
9)	Economics
	a)	billing-charging
	b)	cash
	c)	TCO (total cost of ownership)
	d)	service market ( a client offers a 
	e)	risk management
	f)	risk model 
	g)	price
10)	Accessibility
	a)	mobility
11)	Relationships
	a)	choreography/orchestration
	b)	identity management
	c)	references 
12)	Legal
	a)	Agreements
		i)	trading partner agreements
		ii)	contracts
	b)	non-repudiation
	c)	negotiation
	d)	ownership 
	e)	jurisdiction enforcement
	f)	Intellectual Property (IPR) management 
	g)	copyright
	h)	Digital Rights Management
	i)	SLA (service level agreement)
	j)	BLS (business level agreement) 
13)	Conformance
	a)	certification
14)	Design time
	a)	Type libraries
	b)	design environment
15)	Use cases
	a)	a2a
	b)	b2b
	c)	soa 
16)	Meta data
	a)	registries and repositories
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