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[WSAWG] Text regarding routing

From: Hugo Haas <hugo@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 11:57:57 -0500
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[ This text is part of some work being done at the WSAWG face-to-face
  meeting. I have integrated comments received while presenting. ]

In the Web services architecture, one-way messages are sent from
senders to receivers, potentially via intermediaries. The set of nodes
that a message goes trough is called the message path.

The determination and specification of the message path is called
message routing. Message routing is a message-level concept. It is
independent from the packaging format and transfer protocol used for a
message, and the routing of a message therefore does not rely on
underlying routing capabilites.

@@@ Where is it expressed? Processing model?

@@@ Difference between a fixed and a dynamic message path


A developer wishes to force an explicit message path through certain
intermediaries - for instance, he might use an anonymizing
intermediary to make a call to a specified remote service without
allowing the target service to track the identity/IP of the caller. In
this case, the intermediary is responsible for calling the target
service and returning the results to the caller, using its own
authentication credentials if any are required by the target service.

Others: there may be tricky computations with one node not having
complete visibility (e.g. transparent proxies)

- one-way messages can be combined to form complex MEPs: can message
  routing span the lifetime of one message?
- choreography describes a sequence of services that are invoked in
  order to accomplish complex tasks; one can imagine several
  interactions happening using intermediaries; how does routing relate
  to choreography?
- what about transparent proxies?
- what about error reporting and processing.
- SOAP specific: abstract actors specification (URIs) vs location
- security (not investigated)
- reliability

Candidate technologies: WS-Routing, ebXML Message Service Handler

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