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rdf faq ideas -- braindump

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Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2002 12:19:11 -0400 (EDT)
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This from my not-yet-stable wiki notebook...

pasted here for reference

= FAQ ideas =
Understanding these FAQs -- note that W3C has a formal
recommendation track for creating standard specifications which fully
answer questions such as these. It should be understood that the purpose
of this FAQ is to gather raw materials from the
community, rather than to attempt to provide a single authoritative set of
questions and answers.
The current organisation of this doc does not reflect any
careful partitioning according to likely/intended audience. It is
currently mostly for a developer audience. Future re-jigging is likely.
What RDF-related W3C groups are there? Where can I read more?
       * Semantic Web Activity is home to RDF (homepage, Activity
statement, SW CG)
        * RDF Core WG manage the core specs (model, syntax, schema,
primer; datatyping in progress)
        * WebOnt? WG are extending capabilities of RDF Schema
        * RDF IG for developer, user, public discussions
           * RDF IG task forces and specialist mailing lists
              * www-rdf-calendar
              * www-rdf-logic
              * www-rdf-rules (and query!)
           * Nearby:
              * www-annotation
Schema Language Pluralism
What is the difference between RDF and XML Schema?
When should I  use RDF Schema, and when XML Schema, or          DTDs, or
RELAX-NG? What are the tradeoffs and comatibility        issues?
Can I see some examples of RDF vocabularies that use both
     XML and RDF schema together? (ie SyntacticProfiles? of     RDF/XML)
        * RSS? DublinCore?? Prism? Adobe's XMP?
How do I represent XML Schema datatypes in RDF?
the DAML proposal
previous RDF Core design ideas
Current RDF Core pre-working draft ideas
ETA for RDF Core tech report on this
       * Can XML Schema annotations be used to map XML into RDF/XML?
  * Semantic Web and Web Services
How do RDF and SOAP relate to each other? Or Semantic Web
    and Web Services?
Are there any RDF-based SOAP services? Or other forms
        of Web service that exploit RDF?
What is DAML-S?
How might I use RDF within a SOAP message? (see SOAP primer)
How might I choose between SOAP Encoding and RDF syntax when using RDF
together with SOAP? What are the tradeoffs? Are there any examples of
using both together?
RDF and Ontologies
     * What is the difference between an ontology and a schema?
     * What might one use ontologies for? (see WebOnt? requirements draft)
     * How does this relate to XML Schemas?
RDF Deployment concerns
How do I embed RDF in HTML? in XHTML? Where is
       this to be formally specified?
How do I link from an HTML document to RDF?
Should I expect the URIs RDF namespaces to change?
Or the content I find there when de-referencing?
Can I deploy RDF Schemas now, or should I wait for
        a RECommendation, or for WebOnt? 1.0? What are the
RDF Query
Where can I discuss techniques and languages for
        RDF query?
Is there are working group? Will there be a working group?
How does this relate to XML query?
Are there any product-independent query languages?
RDF Rules
RDF-oriented inference rule languages: where to discuss...
What implementations are out there?
How does this relate to query? Where can we discuss the relationship?
RDF storage and data systems
What tools are out there for storing RDF? (free? commercial?)
How fast, stable, supported are they? Do they interoperate?
Are any test suites available? Or experimental datasets?
Do RDF databases support inference rule languages?
Do RDF databases support substring, phrase, text-match query interfaces
such as Z39.50?
Are there any RDF databases that claim to support all of RDF Schema?
Are there any RDF databases that claim to support all of the DAML+OIL
What techniques have been used to store RDF in SQL systems?
...or in BerkeleyDB?? ...or logic-programming / KR systems?
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