WebMark - Create your own tests

WebMark is a new service to create bespoke PERL scripts that
display and mark multiple choice tests using the World Wide Web.

WebMark itself is driven via an HTML Form. URL:

An example WebMark Test can be found at URL:

To use WebMark you are required to supply all the questions you
want displayed in the test and the correct answers to each question
when you fill out the form at the URL above.
The resulting script will be Emailed to the address supplied by you.
On receipt of the script you must delete the mail header and
instructions, copy the script to a relevant directory and correctly
set its attributes.

When this script is accessed via a URL, it returns HTML to display
the questions in any web browser that supports Forms and Tables.

The student is required to answer TRUE or FALSE to each question
and submit their answers for marking. The same script will compare
the student answers against the correct answers and return a score
to the student, again as an HTML Table.

In order to use WebMark you must:
a) Have PERL V4 or higher on your web server.
b) Know where the PERL executable resides on your web server.
c) Be able to copy the script to a suitable directory on your web
server (in or below cgi-bin).
d) Be able to set the properties of the script to executable by world.
e) Be using a browser that supports both Forms and Tables.

Please report any bugs/comments to:

South Bank University
((++44) 171) 815 7179