GreenNet NEW Web Page

Announcing GreenNet's Web Home Page	

GreenNet provides electronic networking services to environmental, 
development, peace and human rights groups and now has its own Web site 
and is starting to offer Web services to its users.

The GreenNet home page contains details of information which is held on
GreenNet which, amongst other things, includes details of our electronic
conferences, the APC - Association for Progressive Communications, the
partner networks GreenNet works with to provide communications in Africa
and the Pacific and general GreenNet services including dialup,
conferences, gopher and wais databases. 

The page also lists progressive and environmental organisations and
provides links to the web sites that they may have aswell as other links
to related sites. 

The URL is:

393-395 City Road
London  EC1V 1NE
Tel: +44 171 713 1941
Email: support@gn.apc.org