The Web Developer's Library

                                       THE WWW
                                   DEVELOPER'S	<URL:http://WWW.Stars.com/>
                               VIRTUAL LIBRARY
    We have 1,000 links to sites with information of interest to web
    developers. Whatever you want to know about the World Wide Web can
    probably be found in one of the sites pointed to by our extensive topical
    list. This site makes it quick and easy to find sites containing more
    information. You can search the library, or submit a URL for inclusion.
  JOBS:		Jobs for web developers; Resumes accepted too!
  WEBCALC:	A demonstration of tables, multiple submit buttons,
 		and CGI programming.
  TUTORIALS:	I used these online at the WebWorld conferences,
  		and at the 3rd International WWW conference in Darmstadt,
		for seminars on Harnessing the Power of the Web.
  ASK DR.WEB:	A Help desk for web developers, staffed by some 15
  		volunteers around the world. Only for use when all else fails!
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