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	PGW develops and markets high-performance 3D graphic workstations and 
sub-systems for design, engineering, mechanical-computer-aided-design and medical 
imaging applications.  PGW workstations offer binary compatible upgrades for CPU or
graphics accelerators allowing a scalable performance from 350K to 2,100K 3D vectors 
per second.  PGW workstation prices start below $10,000.

	PGW is a division of Picker International, a $1 billion leader in medical
imaging. Picker International formed the division in 1994, after acquiring assets
of Kubota Graphic's 3D Graphic Workstations business.  Picker International has 
integrated Kubota's Titan and Denali 3D Visualization systems in its medical 
imaging systems for the past five years, and has an installed base of more than 
1300 systems.

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