Connected Traveler

March 6, 1995

For Immediate Release


(MILL VALLEY, CA, USA)  It is honest, opinionated, offbeat and free to all

Writer, filmmaker, photographer Russell Johnson has put his travel diaries --
with pictures and sound --  on the World Wide Web of the Internet. 

Anyone connected to the Net with a World Wide Web browser such as Mosaic or
Netscape can point and click his way to Sri Lanka to listen to the voice of
science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke, up the Mahakam river on the island
of Borneo, to various walls around Johnson's house where his favorite
photographs are displayed, and to the North Pole with his friend travel
writer Georgia Hesse. Those with sound cards in their computers will be
treated to Eskimo a capella and Georgia's final assault -- with candy cane
colored pole -- on the the top.

Johnson, owner of TravelMedia a multimedia communications company based in
Mill Valley, California, has traveled to 43 countries over the past 13 years
on writing, video and photo projects for numerous government, association,
corporate and editorial clients.  

"This is not the flackery endemic in travel writing" says Johnson a former
journalist who began his career writing political satire.  "Half the fun of
travel is travail.  The experiences you see in the brochures make lousy

Later this month, Johnson will feature his return to the island of Borneo
after many years in a story called "Shooting Stars and Fireflies & Looking
for Donald Duck" and begin a six-month meander through the Redwood Empire of
Northern California and Oregon. 

The Worldwide Web Address is:  http://www.well.com/www/wldtrvlr/

For more information contact:

Russell Johnson
Phone:  (415)389-8503
Fax: (415)381-6901
E-Mail   TravelMdia@aol.com