We are pleased to announce that The Peregrine 
Foundation has posted its home page at:
We are a non-profit, all-volunteer organization that
 publishes a monthly newsletter for ex-members and 
children of the Hutterian Brethren East (aka 'The Bruderhof' 
and 'The Society of Brothers'). We also host annual conferences 
for this group in Massachusetts and the U.K., as well as an 
ongoing support network.  Our Carrier Pigeon Press publishes 
book-length life stories, currently focused on Bruderhof women
survivors and graduates. Also we occasionally print a newsletter 
for Western Sonoma County commune graduates. 
Please list us on any resource lists that you may maintain. 
(Apologies if you've received this pointer before) 
Thank you!  Keywords: Bruderhof, KIT Information Service, Hutterian, 
Hutterite, Anabaptist, recovery