ANNOUNCE: EpiCenter in Ottawa


EpiSet Corporation, located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, is pleased to
announce the opening of their World Wide Web site - the EpiCenter -
centered on Ottawa, Canada and the National Capital Region. The URL is

Internet users from around the world can now visit the EpiCenter for:

 * Tourist and economic development information for the National Capital Region.
 * Profiles, promotions and contact information for local businesses.
 * Regular news and announcements from government, tourist and hi-tech sectors.
 * On-line retail shopping for local products and services.

All in a colourful, interactive multimedia format!

News and announcements for the region are updated weekly at the EpiCenter,
and currently include the following headlines and topics:

 * Call for applications to CANARIE TAD Program
 * Federal downsizing hits Ottawa's workforce
 * ITAC conference opens in Ottawa
 * Make that a double decaf with mouse
 * Mosaid revenues up
 * National Arts Centre Orchestra performs in Europe
 * New board to coordinate local job training
 * Newbridge wins Kenya contract
 * Ottawa skies open up
 * Photo finish marks Gatineau cross-country ski race
 * Regional Science Fair opens April 21
 * Research begins on OCRINet
 * SR Telecom expanding to National Capital Region
 * Wool-Mart, Wal-Mart square off over trademark
 * World's fair coming to Ottawa-Hull?

We invite you to visit the EpiCenter at URL
http://www.episet.com/epicenter/ and to make the EpiCenter your regular
port-of-call for news and information from Ottawa and the National Capital

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