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RE: Hebrew with vowels

From: Lisa Seeman <seeman@netvision.net.il>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 00:36:58 -0700
To: "'Shelomo ben-Avraham'" <mtr@mechon-mamre.org>, www-annotation@w3.org
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I spoke to Shelomo on this. He had not seen the vote of thanks to him in my
original email about this script. The Google link to the original email had
just opened the attachment and not the original email that came with it.

Shelomo and Mechon-Memre are making extremely good Hebrew sites and I am
glad that this is sorted out.

I am still working on the keyboard -  the scripts are now rewritten to
enable editing (not just rewriting) and the encoding is now change to

Will post again when this is finished (and I will put any thanks in the
keyboard and not in a covering email)

Sorry for wasting the lists time on this.

All the best,

Lisa Seeman

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It seems that Lisa Seeman (mailto:seeman@netvision.net.il) has used


as the basis of "her" script, without having the courtesy to mention
its true source.


The Webmaster at

p.s.  The code in the original page says:  <!--If you need a similar
keyboard on your Torah oriented site, you may use the code here, if
and only if you have a link to this page, so that your users can get
to http://www.mechon-mamre.org/ easily, if they want; if you have a
non-Torah site, please ask for permission.-->
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