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[eric@w3.org: annotea user auth]

From: Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2002 16:54:30 -0400
To: Nadia Heninger <nadiah@uclink.berkeley.edu>
Cc: www-annotation@w3.org
Message-ID: <20020622165430.B13044@w3.org>
Thought this might be of interest to y'all:

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attached mail follows:

A new module W3C::Annotations::FlatUserRecords maintains user records
in flat files. Set the auth.database.class=W3C::Annotations::FlatUserRecords
in annotate.prop  and Annotations.access.prop

10:10 <danbri> Can one get away with plain text auth files? htpasswd etc? for 
               small scale stuff, demos etc, the performance hit is bearable...
10:11 <danbri> BTW we're talking about a swad-europe workshop in bristol in the 
               autumn, likely focussed on query+rules...
10:11 <danbri> possible overlap w/ t-and-s aspirations for a W3C-where-next 
10:14 <ericP> roger
10:14 <ericP> plain text, sure
10:17 <danbri> I'll try that. Shouldn't have to tweak Annotea, should I? Just 
               the apache cfg files, right?
10:17 <ericP> plus the auth.database properties in the Annotations.access.prop
10:18 <danbri> yup
10:21 <ericP> hmm, looks like W3C::Annotations::DBMUserRecords isn't actually 
              set up for flat files
10:21 <ericP> only (db, gdbm, ndbm, sdbm)
10:23 <danbri> Hmm, OK, I'll take a look. sdbm should be everywehere perl is. 
               Do you keep aditional user records beyond those of Apache's own 
10:23 -!- niq [~nick@walkham.demon.co.uk] has joined #er
10:23 <danbri> hi niq
10:23 <niq> hi!
10:23 <niq> what can I do you for?
10:23 <ericP> yes, but i think it degrades gracefully
10:24  * danbri wondering whether to work or slack this afternoon...
10:24 <danbri> I'd like to do some earl/query demos, or imagemetadata/ query 
10:24 <danbri> pooped from week-o-meetings though. I might rebuild my rdf 
               harvester, that'd be fun.
10:25 <danbri> oh, eric, you feature in a demo: 
10:25 <danbri> http://fireball.danbri.org/people/danbri/2002/06/svgsemantics/xmp/ex2.jpg
10:25 <danbri> is jpg containing rdf containing svg
10:25 <ericP> uh oh
10:26 <ericP> oh, that one's not bad. i look even human in that one.
10:26 <ericP> normally pictures of me suck so much that i just make faces to 
              overwhelm with absurdity
10:26 <danbri> soon fix that
10:27  * danbri fires up photoshop...
10:27 <ericP> windows box?
10:27  * danbri joking
10:27 <danbri> Did you see that a bunch of photoshopper picked a photo of 
               gerald to goof around with?
10:28 <danbri> http://impressive.net/archives/fogo/20020618022537.GA8895@impressive.net
10:31 <ericP> that was pretty goofy
10:32 <ericP> i like the storm troopers mingling with the kiss-me-i'm-irish 
10:38  * danbri trying to replicate same effect in svg (but pretty hammy by 
12:07 -!- nadia [~nadia@pc-62-30-86-90-bt.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #er
12:16 -!- niq [~nick@walkham.demon.co.uk] has quit [[x]chat]
14:51 -!- nadia [~nadia@pc-62-30-86-90-bt.blueyonder.co.uk] has quit [Ping 
16:48 <ericP> danbri, flat file access should now work
16:48 <ericP> set auth.database.class=W3C::Annotations::FlatUserRecords
16:48 <ericP> in annotate.prop  and Annotations.access.prop


Feel free to forward this message to any list for any purpose other than
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