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Re: Are Amaya's XPointers for SVG correct?

From: Matthew Wilson <matthew@mjwilson.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 07 Mar 2002 18:13:34 +0000
Message-Id: <>
To: jose.kahan@w3.org, www-annotation@w3.org
At 12:22 07/03/02 +0100, Jose Kahan wrote:
>Hello Matthew,
>Sorry it took me some time to get back to you.
>Annotating the line in your SVG example:
>   http://www.mjwilson.demon.co.uk/svg-annot-test.html
>Produces the following XPointer in the current Amaya (from CVS):
>Although it doesn't include namespaces, it is correct by itself. Which
>version of Amaya (and on which platform) were you using when you got the
>   xpointer(/html[1]/body[1]/SVG[1]/line_[1])
>My guess is that it was a version previous than 5.3 which was missing the
>convertion from the internal Amaya name to the external name, because
>I was unable to reproduce it.

I was using Amaya 5.3 on Win98. Help->About Amaya says "amaya - 5.3 18 
December 2001".

>What I did was to copy your file locally, then select the line, annotate
>it and open the index file that's stored locally. Did you use this same

I checked the SVG XPointer using the interactive Web interface at

>My previous comment was wrong:
> >>The inclusiong of SVG inside HTML can only be done with the SVG keyword.
> >>On XHTML, you can also do it with namespaces. However, the name should
> >>>be SVG.
> >Are you saying that the element called "svg" has to be converted to
> >capitals, "SVG", for inclusion in HTML?
>I was completely confused by MathML. There is no SVG element that allows
>you to include the SVG XML source inside HTML 4.x documents. You can only
>include an SVG image  thru the object element. Amaya allows to do the same
>thing using the img element. However, the SVG tree is not visible then. You
>can only make an XPointer that points to the element that includes the SVG
>For XHTML and other XML documents, you need to use namespaces to include


>For the outstanding question on how does an XPointer that includes namespaces
>look like, I got the following example from Henry (I split the line at the
># char, but there is no space there):
>   href="http://www.w3.org/Team/thompson/w3c-home.xml#
>         xmlns(x=http//example.com/foo) xpointer(//x:a)"
>Amaya is not able yet to handle this kind of XPointers. I'll try to
>improve this situation.

OK. I still have a few questions about the XPointers but I suppose I should 
read the spec again first. 8-)

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