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RE: Annotation working group

From: Bryan Thompson <bryan-pop@cog-tech.com>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 10:09:52 -0400
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To: "'Julie Gibson'" <julieg@weborganic.com>, Bryan Thompson <bryan@cog-tech.com>
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I was hope that we would see a stronger response from the community.  Perhaps that will emerge over time.

I would definitely like to discuss standards with you as they apply to annotation servers.   From your experience, what areas do you see as benefiting from standardization?


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From:	Julie Gibson [SMTP:julieg@weborganic.com]
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To:	Bryan Thompson
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Subject:	Re: Annotation working group

Hi Bryan and others

> Is there an active annotation working group?

Now that you mention it I haven't heard from anyone for a while now, and we
didn't get past a discussion group as far as I know.

> I am interested in creating an open source project to develop an
> fine-grained annotation server and I would like to get a sense of who
> might be already involved in such efforts.  I am interested in a project
> that can scale efficently up to very large communities and that provides
> flexibility in the semantics of the annotation markups.  To my
> understanding, the existing open source annotation server efforts do not
> meet these criteria (e.g., crit.org,
> http://eon.law.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/annotate/main.cgi, etc.).

We have been developing an annotation server for commercial use but we are
not supported by any established company. (After examining the open source
system we decided that we were too small to support an open source project
because we have to live off our earnings from our code and don't work for a
bigger entity that could support us while we worked on open source) So
although our work may not be useful to an open source project our product
may be able to provide a sort of approach that you would be interested in
looking at. If you visit our site we have a demo and several papers
explaining how it works.

> I am also interested in standards for annotation interchange, and in the
> use of annotation to facilitate collaborative cognition within
> issue-focused communities.

We are very interested in becoming involved in establishing these standards,
our thrust has been entirely concerned with collaborative work within
communities with a shared interest though we seem to be finding other
commercial applications based on document versioning and collaborative
changes to established versions.

I hope your query can prompt a bit more activity.


Julie G
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