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Annotations for Web pages

From: Jakob Hummes <hummes@eurecom.fr>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 1996 14:57:54 +0100
Message-ID: <32A82662.26FB5C33@eurecom.fr>
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Annotations for Web pages can highly support cooperative working.

  I'm currently writing a paper about different approaches and systems
to implement.  I would like to include references to published work
about very good ideas and proposals I've found on the Web.
  So, it would be great, if someone can point out, where I can find
references to the following proposals or systems:

1) Proposals from the annotations group at the W3C.  If found a lot of
pointers and Web pages with good ideas.  However, I didn't found a
citeable publication...
BTW: I tried to contact Wayne Gramlich, who mantains a lot of pages
concerning annotations.  Unfortunately, his email address seems to be
obsolete.  Also, all the Web pages are date from the last year.  Where
is the new stuff?  Or is this issue sleeping?

2) Systems: Futplex, Web4Groups, ComMentor, HyperNews, aqui,
(annotations in Mosaic)
For all, I've found very interesting descriptions on the Web.  Where are
the (hard) publications?

I've gathered publications for other systems and proposals, as the 
- annotations included within the OSF Web system
- BSCW from the German GMD

Thank you for sending me pointers to relevant publications.
Also, if you believe that there is a major approach or system dealing
with web annotations missing (maybe Lotus Notes?), I would be
thankfully, if you can send me pointers to it.

- Jakob
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