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Re: How to control page margins

From: Trevor Turton <trevor@turton.co.za>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2010 08:51:56 +0200
Message-ID: <4CAEBF8C.8000809@turton.co.za>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
  Hi Helder

Thanks for the detailed reply.  I am using Windows, so your advice was 
spot on.  Unfortunately the drivers for the printers that are available 
to me don't include margin control among the options that they allow me 
to set.

I would gladly use Firefox to do the printing, it lets me set margins, 
headings, and footings.  Unfortunately I hit a problem.  I'm using Amaya 
11.3 to insert math equations into several existing HTML documents.  The 
equations look good when viewed with Amaya and they print well too, 
except for the margins.  When I save the edited document and open it in 
Firefox, the equations don't display correctly, particularly when they 
include a fraction.  So that's the real problem, but I thought that 
setting print margins in Amaya would be easier to fix.  Maybe not.

Amaya automatically converts the HTML documents to XHTML when I insert a 
math equation.  I have attached a really simple example to this note 
that shows the problem.  I noticed that it doesn't supply a DOCTYPE when 
it does this.  I tried telling Amaya to convert the document to XHTML 
Transitional before inserting the first equation, and then it inserts a 
good DOCTYPE, but this makes no difference to the way that Firefox 
displays the equations.

Trevor Turton


Hi Trevor,

> >  When I print a page from Amaya to A4 stationery I get a 3cm left margin and
> >  a 4.5cm top margin.  I need to make these smaller.

> >    Please let me know how I can set my page margins.
If I recall correctly, Amaya did have a print setup dialog with those
sort of preferences (please correct me if I'm wrong) but they were
removed during an infrastructure revamp (around version 10?). Quickly
trying with Amaya 11.3.1 (Dec 9 2009), I also wasn't able to find any
menu or preference where to tweak this kind of parameters.

In the meantime I can imagine that, therefore, probably Amaya is
simply using the default printer settings. As you haven't said
anything about your Amaya version nor environment (operating system,
at least), I'm just going to state that, on Windows, this can be
accessed through "Control Panel", "Printers  [and Faxes]",
right-clicking the desired printing and choosing "Printer
Preferences...". Then, according to the printer driver functionality,
you may be able to tweak more or less settings (which are basically
the default printing preferences which will apply to all
applications). Note that I haven't attempted this myself (check that
the default printer settings affect Amaya) so further feedback would
be welcome.:-)

(Another workaround will be using a browser which supports this sort
of tweaks. Firefox is such an example, although it also has its
printing issues.)

> >  Thanks
> >  Trevor Turton
Hope this helps, Helder

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