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Re: More about Makebook feature in Amaya

From: Vincent Quint <vincent.quint@inria.fr>
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 15:58:39 +0100
Message-ID: <4B853E9F.3000201@inria.fr>
To: Bill Braun <bbraun@hlthsys.com>
CC: www-amaya@w3.org, helder.magalhaes@gmail.com
On 23/02/10 19:23, Bill Braun wrote:
> I clearly missed the mark, and it could be argued, the entire boat.
> Having now read the documentation my thoughts are (and I offer these 
> generously, not as a criticism):
> 1. There is no entry in the Help outline for Makebook. I had to intuit 
> that "Assembling large document collections" was the help for Makebook.
I have updated this entry of the Help outline in the CVS base, adding 
"Make Book" in parenthesis, as Helder suggested.
> 2. Having found it I could not understand it. (Part of that may be 
> explained by noting that I never work in the main view that renders 
> the page, only in the HTML source. So, with the window split, "Tools" 
> is grayed out, thus access to "Makebook" is blocked.)
Like Helder, I don't see how to help you here.
> 3. When I switched to main view and clicked on Tools > Makebook, 
> nothing happens. I now appreciate that I failed to add the markup 
> required for Makebook to work; however, it seems to me that there 
> ought to be at least a dialogue box that alerts the user to the 
> failure, and what to do about it, or a link to the help file.
Good suggestion. That is certainly something we could do.
> 4. Some examples in the help documentation would be very helpful. 
> Since I never use the tools and features available in the main view, I 
> have no idea how to use the Attributes tool. Can Help also include 
> help for people who code directly?
I have added a sample document that you can use to experiment this feature:
This sample is now linked from the manual page about "Make book".
> 5. Language such as "To refer to a document subset, you usually define 
> a div element..." is confusing. If there are other ways of doing so, 
> what are they?
Agreed. I have changed this paragraph following Helder's suggestion.

Thanks for your comments,

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