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Re: automatic replacement: entities and applet stuff

From: Helder Magalh„es <helder.magalhaes@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 19:49:45 +0000
Message-ID: <2a1ddf8a1002151149h75095c1fi1d83a9952af176ea@mail.gmail.com>
To: pfb42 <pf.buonsante@gmail.com>
Cc: www-amaya@w3.org
Hi Francesco,

> †I'm trying to use amaya but I'm having a few problems with the apparently
> automatic replacements amaya does.
> Since I write in italian I need special accented characters. Since I'm
> using an english keyboard, I input them using the corresponding entities,
> such as &egrave;, &eacute;, &ugrave;.
> Is there a way to prevent amaya from changing these entities? I find this
> behaviour annoying.

Yup, just change the document encoding to "ASCII". You will find
(recent!) related posts and background information by crawling for
that in the mailing list archives. ;-)

On the other hand, note that the behavior shouldn't be seen (IMHO) as
annoying but as an Amaya feature. It's just making your life easier!
(Displaying the characters is much easier than parsing HTML entities,
right?) ;-)

> A similarly annoying thing happens with <applet> tags. I'm using a software
> automatically generating the <applet> code. The structure of this code is
> <applet ... some attributes >
> †....
> Default message
> </applet>
> This way the applets behaves correctly when loaded in a browser (either
> explorer and firefox).
> However amaya insists in changing the order of the above code lines. More to
> the point,
> it moves the "opening" applet tag just before the default message, like this
> <applet ... some attributes >
> Default message
> </applet>
> This way, neither explorer nor firefox display the applet correctly.
> Is there a patch to this behaviour?

I find this weird and, honestly, couldn't figure out the big
difference between the two which would lead browsers to work/fail.
Could you detail on this a little and paste a the complete markup
(cleaned up, perhaps)?

> Thanks a lot for your insight on this
> Francesco

Hope this helps,
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