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Re: Changes in the German translation >> Change other languages, change - into +

From: <fred.wang@free.fr>
Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2009 13:00:19 +0100
Message-ID: <1261569619.4b320653122ab@imp.free.fr>
To: Dominique Meeùs <dominique@d-meeus.be>
Cc: www-amaya@w3.org, amaya-doc@s-g-b-online.de
Hi all,

Yes, the two changes mentioned make sense to me but my point was that we should
try to be consistent between all the languages. Anyway, I'm not sure this is
currently the case, for instance "New Drawing" is sometimes completed with "SVG"
in some translations. I've integrated Jrg's patches into the CVS repository. As
for the keyboard shortcut expressions, I guess we should not change them if we
do not have a good reason to do so...

Happy Holidays,

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