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Re: Newbie Q: How to control <mover> height?

From: David Goldsmith <d.l.goldsmith@gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 14:23:55 +0000
Message-ID: <45d1ab480911271444u2e6fd863gd70e2b8ab375105b@mail.gmail.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
2009/11/27 Frédéric WANG <fred.wang@free.fr>

> OlyDLG wrote:
>> Newbie to amaya (well, not completely, I've given it a couple of aborted
>> tries previously).  How does one control spacings, e.g., the height of mo
>> over mi when using <mover>?  Is there a better MU to use to get a z with a
>> bar over it (that doesn't place it a whole character's height above it)?
> There are various options to control layout in MathML but it's not always a
> good option to use them:
> http://www.w3.org/TR/MathML3/chapter3.html#presm.warnfinetuning

Thanks for the link, this will be very helpful, as I'm finding it easier to
get what I'm after writing my own mark-up (as opposed to using the graphical

I guess your problem here is that you want to use complex conjugate but
> there are too much space between the overbar and the character z.


> I think the code generated by Amaya is correct and it's probably the
> rendering engine that should be improved in that case, so you don't need to
> add a "hack" in the MathML code. In Firefox, the result is OK. See
> attachment.

Yes it is (in part because you're using an overline character as the
overline - doh! why didn't I think of that?)  However, your code looks fine
in my Firefox window, but FF isn't rendering any of my MathML even close to
correct (I can post a screen shot and my source if that will help).  I
compared your source to mine and there were differences between their
"pre-headers" and their heads, so I changed mine to yours, but no
improvement (for some obscure reason, doing so, in Amaya, "broke" all my
non-breaking spaces in the body, at which point Amaya complained and
wouldn't render anything after the first broken nbs; so I had to go back and
repair those, and then Amaya rendered the source - incl. the new pre-head
and head - fine, but upon refreshing in Firefox, I still saw the same old
text w/out formatting).  Any ideas?

>  Also, is there a way to get amaya to not want to edit, but rather execute,
>> scripts on pages it visits?  (I had to switch to Firefox to register
>> because
>> I wasn't able to check the agree-to-terms box on the registration page
>> viewing it in amaya because all amaya appeared to let me do was edit that
>> field.)
> There was discussion about adding an option to switch between
> browser/editor mode, to get different behaviors. But it's likely to need
> some work and I don't think it is currently planned by the core team.

OK, gotchya.

Thank you very much for the help,


>  Thanks!
>> OlyDLG
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