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Amaya 10 bug - dual boot Ubuntu/Windows platform

From: Tom Cloyd <tomcloyd@comcast.net>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 22:22:56 -0700
Message-ID: <47F07530.1050106@comcast.net>
To: Amaya discussion list <www-amaya@w3.org>

I'm running Kubuntu 7.10 (Ubuntu with KDE interface) as a second OS on a 
computer with Windows XP as the first OS. Some of my files need to be 
accessible by both operating systems, which effectively means that they 
must reside in the Windows partition.  Kubuntu can see them there, but 
Windows cannot see into the Kubuntu partition.

I find that when I'm using Amaya 10 to work on files in the Windows 
partition, it tells me that I cannot save them - no reason is offered. 
Initially, I thought it was a permissions problem, but checking into 
this revealed no problem to fix. I then discovered that the file IS 
getting saved, while at the same time Amaya is telling me it cannot save 
it to the location requested (in the Windows partition). In addition, 
the files Save icon in the tool bar never goes back to its default 
gray'ed out status - which makes it appear that the file is not getting 
save. But when I close it (supposedly with saving it - my only option if 
I want to close the tab!), then reopen it, the changes I supposedly 
couldn't save ARE there.

By the way, the Amaya "About" modal window, which supposedly indicates 
the version number, does not correctly do this. I know that I'm running 
10.0.1, but it merely says 10. This doesn't seem right.




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