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Re: amaya crashes on startup under openSuSE 10.3

From: Keith Hopper <kh@waikato.ac.nz>
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 11:34:27 +1300
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-ID: <4f6e1e2944kh@waikato.ac.nz>

In article <47AC2197.3040400@kent.ac.uk>,
   Andrew Runnalls <A.R.Runnalls@kent.ac.uk> wrote:

> (I submitted the following email on 8 January, but have received no
> response, so I'm submitting it again.  Basically, it means that Amaya is
> unusable on openSuSE 10.3.)

> I've tried various binary releases and building from source, but in each
> case
> amaya crashes immediately on start-up, reporting 'double free or
> corruption';
> it was OK under openSuSE 10.2.  I append the output after a build from
> source
> of amaya-sources-9.55-2.tgz

     I regret to say that this does not only apply to Amaya, I have had the
same problem with a python program - which seems to indicate a bug in
libc.so.6 somewhere - but only on my x86_64 machines. Everything works fine
on i586 ones. I have just updated my installation (well, half an hour ago)
just to confirm my findings - i586 OK, x86_64 crash (both Amaya and the
other program I mentioned). Perhaps we should direct a bug at SuSE??



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