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Re: map coordinates reset to zeros on Save

From: Laurent Carcone <carcone@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 14:42:55 +0100
Message-ID: <4756AADF.7090809@w3.org>
To: ladewitt@lucindadewitt.com
CC: amaya mailing list <www-amaya@w3.org>

Lucinda DeWitt wrote:
> I believe I am now able to consistently reproduce the problem of Amaya 
> zeroing out map coordinates (mentioned by jeff on 10/15/07).
> If I open the attached file in Amaya 9.99-3 on a Mac and open the 
> source view, I see the following coordinates in lines 24 and 26
> 25,110,265,152
> 320,110,610,152
> If I make changes to the document in the view source window and then 
> Save (or Save as) the coordinates remain unchanged.
> However, if I make changes in the browser window and then Save (or 
> Save as) (with the cursor still in the browser window), the 
> coordinates are reset to zeros.
> I also notice that the window that appears for Save As is not the same 
> if you are saving from View Source vs. Browser . . . (most options 
> missing when saving from Source View).
> Perhaps this has already been addressed, but I didn't see any followup 
> posts . . .
> Lucinda

Map coordinates seems to be reset to zeros when the referenced image is 
defined after the map element in the document. When it is defined before 
the map element, is doesn't seem to occur.
This problem has been partially addressed in the cvs version, Amaya 
saved the img element after the map element, now it is saved at this 
original location in the source.
We are continuing to work on it.

Laurent Carcone
Received on Wednesday, 5 December 2007 13:44:52 UTC

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