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Amays wishlist -- implement the hover pseudocode

From: <ve3ll@cogeco.ca>
Date: Mon, 09 Jul 2007 18:00:47 -0400
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-ID: <469277CF.4239.192D6F@ve3ll.cogeco.ca>

Many designers choose to use dropdown menus as they
consume less real estate and do not overload the page content
like sidebar menus often do .... there when you want them but
out of the way when you don't .... and they can be mulileveled easily

Originally dropdowns required scripting techniques which meant a 
tradeoff for security and requirement for alternate solutions for browsers 
without scripting .... 

But now pure CSS/html (no scripting) solutions are available.  But they
depend on the :hover pseudocode which unfortunately has not been
implemented in Amaya.  These menus degrade to lists if the browser
does not understand css (text only types) .....

I don't know whether the lack of hover implementation is due to complexity,
priorty list placement, or just a perceived lack of importance.   But i am
making the pitch that hover can play an important roll  in page design
and should therefore be available to designers who choose Amaya for 
its ability to generate quality code that validates to recommendations.

thanks for listening --- this may be something to bash away at when
summer is over and all are returning to work..... ta  -- 
John Russell, VE3LL@COGECO.CA
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