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Re: More patches from Debian plus question

From: Regis Boudin <regis@boudin.name>
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:08:46 +0100 (BST)
Message-ID: <28870.>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Hi again,

Regis Boudin said:
> Any feedback on these would be welcome. I also continue working on a patch
> that would allow to use a system-provided libwww, and will keep you
> informed about the status.

As promised, here is my patch making it possible to link against a
system-provided libwww (from the W3C), instead of building it and linking
statically. I ended up doing a big rework of this part, moving the call to
the libwww configure in the Amaya/configure file, and removing hardcoded
include path from different places.
I came to the point where amaya/Makefile.libwww only contained a list of
object files, so I removed it.
I also removed some unused variables, such as LIBDAV and DAVDIR.

Also attached is an update of my enable-system-wx patch to link against a
shared wxWidgets, and the cascade_hbt (which reuses the values of host,
build and target when calling configures for libwww, wxwidgets and
libwww), necessary to have a chance to clenly apply

Note that using patches, I could succesfully build and run :
-using built-in libraries
-using shared libraries
-using only the content of the Amaya/ directory, without the sources of
wxWidgets or libWWW available.

Any comment on these patches, or modifications that should be made to get
them included, is welcome.

By the way, I strongly suggest that you update your config.sub and
config.guess files. They are 5 years old and don't cover more recent
arches and systems (such as ppc64 or kfreebsd).


"While a monkey can be a manager, it takes a human to be an engineer" Erik

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