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Re: [Announce] Amaya 9.1.4 and Amaya 8.7.4

From: Stanimir Stamenkov <stanio@myrealbox.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:11:15 +0300
Message-ID: <429E1663.1040003@myrealbox.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

/Irene Vatton/:

> - Amaya 9.1.4 uses the new User Interface based on wxWidgets.
> - Amaya 8.7.4 is the same application based on the old User Interface (GTK for 
>   Linux or MacOS X platforms, and Win32 for Windows platforms) .

Is Amaya 8.7.4 really the same as 9.1.4 and just the UI library used 

I'm asking this because of the rendering problems with Amaya 
versions 9.x on Win systems reported here and which I experience on 
one of the two machines I use it. Apparently there's no problem with 
Amaya 8.7.x versions but the rendering seems different.

Couple of times the answer to these problem reports was to upgrade 
the video drivers but unfortunately for one of the systems I use 
there are no more recent drivers from those I've already installed. 
AFAIK WinNT systems come with default software OpenGL 1.0 support 
(no matter of the video hardware) and I've wondered what OpenGL 
version Amaya requires? I think it would be too much of a 
requirement for "text" editor to require OpenGL 1.5, for example.

I still think it is not video driver issue but continuation of the 
bug I could see fixed between Amaya 9.0 and 9.1:

   * When clicking on the scrollbar top/down buttons or within the 
scrollbar, the canvas was not redrawn on Windows platforms.

because I see great improvement regarding this rendering problem 
between those two versions, still it hasn't disappeared.

What I experience is if I scroll the page and then start to type 
text the picture changes states on every key press - one state just 
before I've scrolled, then on next key stroke the screen "resumes" 
on the state where I've scrolled... just like there are two 
off-screen pages, one of which hasn't been refreshed. If I put Amaya 
in background and bring it back later it seems it has refreshed "the 
two pages" and everything's fine, until the smallest scroll occur - 
the picture start jumping again.

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