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Re: Unable to run Amaya 8.4 on a Win 98 SE box

From: JuanMiguel SIgnes <signes_jmi@gva.es>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 07:33:42 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <40879C4C.1040206@gva.es>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

> We added some compiling flags because events are managed differently
> on W98 and NT/XP/2000. So it's normal that the WinXP version doesn't work
> on W98. But we detected no special difference concerning image management.
> Image libraries are included in the Amaya package and it works on our Win98
> platform.
> Do you have VisualStudio available to trap the problem?
> Did a previous Amaya version work on this box?
>      Irene.
> -----

I don't have development tools in that computer but the following may 
help your debugging:
- I've been using some previous versions of Amaya on that computer.
- I had the same problem after installing Amaya 8.4 W98 on a different 
directory to prevent bugs related to the spanish version.
- I reinstalled Amaya 8.3 and it works fine.
- I didn't mistook amaya-WinXP-8.4.exe for amaya-Win98-8.4.exe. By the 
way, their sizes only differ in 211K, much less than what it is 
announced on the amaya download page.

Saludos cordiales.
  J.Miguel Signes (signes_jmi@gva.es)
  UNP. Ārea d'Organitzaciķ i Sistemes de Comunicaciķ
  Conselleria de Sanitat de la Generalitat Valenciana.
  Valencia. Espaņa.
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