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Amaya 8.2 pre user interface bugs and suggestions

From: Bartolomé Sintes Marco <BartolomeSintes@ono.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2003 00:10:06 +0100
Message-ID: <005601c3a64d$72f690c0$407fca51@goofy>
To: <www-amaya@w3.org>


I am sending some issues (bugs and suggestions) related to Windows
XP Amaya 8.2 pre user interface. Most of them are very easy to solve.

What is the deadline for sending you the translations of message and
help files to other languages? What is the expected release date of Amaya

1. If I open two Amaya windows (through Windows Start menu), I can open the
   same local document in both windows and edit the file from both Amaya
   windows. In Windows, usually when you try to edit a file already edited
   by other program, a warning message is shown.

2. XHTML > Image > Browse
   In the browse files window, available file types are GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP,
   ALL and the default type is GIF. I suggest that the available file types
   should be GIF, JPG, PNG, GIF+JPG+PNG, ALL, and the default should be

3. Views > Show source
    Title of the open window is: "Source: Title_of_the_document"
    The "Source:" message can not be translated.

4. Views > Show structure, alternate, etc
    Title of view windows (structure, aternate, etc) only say
    Type of view could be included (and translated) in the window title
    before the title of the document.

5. Style > Character style > Font family
    The displayed items are Times, Helvetica, Courier, Default
    Should not it be Serif, Sans-serif, Monospace, Default?
    I would also suggest adding Cursive and Fantasy to the list.

6. Style > Character style
    (suggestion) corrdialogue file dialogue message number 30 "Underline"
    could be "Decoration" as the option is related to text-decoration

7. Style > Character style
   If the cursor is within an element without style, and I open this window,
   some of the items are selected, some are not. I think that all must be
   selected, and the selected value should be Default (as the element has no

8. Style > Show applied style
   Amayadialogue file message number 203 has not & (shortcut letter).

9. Style > Format
   If the cursor is within an element without style, and I open this window,
   the selected value is not Default. It should be Default (as the element
   no style).

10. Style > Link, Open, Disable, Enable, Remove
    The window width is not enough. Please, make it larger (or show only the
    CSS file name, not the full path).

11. Special > Add/Remove IDs...
    Add/Remove IDs message "Enter an Element name" seem not to be using
    amayamsg file number 355, because the message is always shown in English
    (even if dialogue language is set to French, Spanish, etc)
    In fact the message number 355 is shown in the text box where the user
    has to write the element name. This box should be empty.

12.  Special > Preferences > Colors
   Explanation in Selection Use palette are a little bit confusing (they
   are in libdialogue file)
   135 Left button sets the selection color
   136 Middle or Right button sets the caret color
    I suggest the following messages:
   135 Left button sets the selection text color
   136 Middle or Right button sets the selection background color

'Nuff said, :-)
Barto (http://www.mclibre.org)
Received on Saturday, 8 November 2003 18:10:10 UTC

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