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Re: Another bug in pre-8.2

From: Joseph Reagle <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 10:15:36 -0500
To: Irene Vatton <irene.vatton@inrialpes.fr>, joseph.nyu@reagle.org
Cc: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-Id: <200311071015.36011.reagle@w3.org>

On Friday 07 November 2003 06:05, Irene Vatton wrote:
> Joseph Reagle <joseph.nyu@reagle.org> wrote:
> > 13. Return of the copy/paste bug in the text editor that removes spaces
> > between attributes or an attribute an element name.
> I'm not able to reproduce this bug.
> Could you give me a scenario with an example?

Sure, though it's weird because if I select text in the text editor so I 
can do a before and after, when I paste it here (KMail), it has all these extra 
carriage returns:

alt="NY Halloween Critical Mass" class="thumb" align="right"

But, if I manually transcribe what it looks like, in the Amaya text editor, before, it looks like:

<a href="../photo/web/2003/10/31-ny-halloween-critical-mass-gathering-wheel-lights.jpg"><img ...

and after the paste:
<ahref="../photo/web/2003/10/31-ny-halloween-critical-mass-gathering-wheel-lights.jpg"><img ...

However, oddly enough, I'm not able to reproduce *that* error in Amaya now. (Copy/paste has always 
been problematic for me, especially between Amaya and KDE applications. 
Somehow the copy/paste buffer gets confused... but it's always inconsistent so it's hard to
report a bug.)
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