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RE: Can't get 'create rule' sub window for CSS to open list

From: guenter strubinsky <strubinsky@acm.org>
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2003 21:11:48 -0500
To: "'Charles McCathieNevile'" <charles@w3.org>
Cc: <www-amaya@w3.org>
Bingo! Wonderful, to be honest it is not the obvious solution to windooze
users as I still am, even though I am in the process of weaning me off.


The docs don't help a lot (If you add the blue part, it might help a bit):


Using the Create Rule Command

To create a generic style for an element or class:

Select the element you wish to use as the template. (Press [Esc] or [F2]
depending on your OS)

Note: You must select only one element and this element must have a style

Choose Create Rule from the Style menu. Amaya opens a dialog displaying a
list of CSS selectors. This list contains all classes that are defined for
the current document (including those defined in linked CSS style sheets),
as well as the element type to which the style is associated.

Choose a selector in this list or enter a new class name and click Confirm.
The style of the selected element is then associated with the chosen
selector and the style attribute is removed from the selected element. Its
content is moved to the style element, in the document HEAD, and all
elements matching the selector are displayed with the new style.


Thank you very much (the editor needs to get used to, but is clearly worth
the time)


guenter strubinsky


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There are no stupid questions, but lots of people who just give up instead



In amaya you have to select an element using esc (Unix/Mac) or F2

(Windows) that has an inline style rule (a style attribute, in HTML).


You can see in the status line at the bottom what is selected - usually it

will say something like text \ p \ body \ html \ Document


To make this work, select a bit of text, and style it using the style menu.

The status line will then say text \ span \ p \ etc....


If you press the esc/f2 key (according to your platform, see above) the

selected will be the parent of what had been selected. Text just means

text - so in this example you shoulld see span \ ....


now try to create rule.


Create Rule puts a rule into the document's style sheet, based on what a

style attribute says about a aprticular element.


It would be good to add a couple of examples to the page about creating

- how to make a random style, how to select an h3, style it, and create a

rule so that all h3's get the style. A beer is on offer for whoever does it







On Sun, 15 Jun 2003, guenter strubinsky wrote:


>I have no idea what can be wrong. I did the rtfm. I hacked a few chars in

>and changed their style. As described I marked an area and clicked on

>rule. Nothing, absolutely nothing happened.




>I opened an existing formatted page. Marked a contiguous area that had a

>different style and clicked on create rule. Nothing, absolutely nothing





>The document had an inline stylesheet and I saw it (and the styles) in the

>treeview but no luck in creating or modifying. I am no complete ignoramus

>with html nor css nor different tools but I am completely lost since

>obviously nobody but me seems to have had a similar problem.




>I checked also that Editor mode was turned on. So what else did I miss?




>Thank you in advance (I feel pretty silly having to ask such a question)




>guenter strubinsky









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