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Bug report: Remote displays.

From: A.J. Venter <ajventer@direqlearn.org>
Date: 19 May 2003 12:50:47 +0200
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-Id: <1053341447.2555.84.camel@deadbox>

Hi all, 
Sorry to start on a somber note, but as fond as I am of Amaya, it has a
bug which is a very real problem for me.

It does not function on remote displays, which also prevents it's use
with ltsp systems.

I have recently been asked by the managers of thinkquest africa (the
largest web-design competition in Africa) to provide suggestions on how
to make webpages multi-browser compatible.

My first suggestion was to ensure conformity to w3 standards. I also
develope a thin-client solution, used in hundreds of African schools.
My seccond suggestion would be to use Amaya as web-editor, which
pre-empts a lot of the common problems people have with standards
However, this would remove the possibility from anybody using my
solution - unless this is fixed.

The problem lies with Amaya's usage of GDK, which on any remote display
throws an error:
integer out of range.

I have confirmed that this affects both the source and binary
distributions of Amaya.

The OpenGL version is not really an option. I am only now working on
trying to get software glx support on the clients (it is very difficult)
and I have no guarantee it would work. Even if it did, it will be
painfully slow, most of these thin-client machines are 100mhz CPU's with
24mb's of ram, I am only interested in it as an interim compatibility
measure for educational software that requires it, e.g. modeling

I appreciate any help.
A.J. Venter
Story of my life: "Semper in excretum, set alta variant"
A.J. Venter
DireqLearn Linux Guru
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