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Re: head elements and comments

From: Christian Mondrup <scancm@biobase.dk>
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 10:01:35 +0200
Message-ID: <3B529F5F.25608829@biobase.dk>
CC: www-amaya@w3.org
John Russell wrote:
> if after a comment element in a head element there is
> a link, meta, or another comment element. the latter
> element is shifted to the body when saved...  this can
> cause a previous valid document to become invalid!
> tested using version 5.1 binary on win 98 ---- from
> Christians comments this appears as a new bug
> not existing in previous version.  I had not used
> comments previously so cant verify if bug is old
> but it sure is there !!

The comments John are referring to are in a posting to the list which
was bounced back to me yesterday. I enclose it here together with a an
attached zip archive containing the html file in question saved with
Amaya4.3.2 and 5.1 resp.

> I encounter a somewhat alarming behaviour with Amamy 5.1 when I load
> the file
> ftp://sunsite.auc.dk/projects/icking-music-archive/web/index_src.html
> and save it. If you compare this file (saved with Amaya 4.3.2) with the
> attached version (saved with 5.1) you'll notice that the two last lines
> of the <head> section (a <link> and a comment) are moved to the start of
> the <body> section with very unconvenient consequences:-(

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