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various bugs, incl. crash

From: rgmckenzie <robert_McKenzie@bigfoot.com>
Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 12:47:54 +0200
Message-ID: <004d01c0d712$21656450$361146d5@mckenzie1>
To: "Amaya Group" <www-amaya@w3.org>
Dear Amaya group,

Windows NT4.0, SP6a(!)

IBUG -- With several windows open and shifting between source and editor
view, Amaya still crashes.

BUG -- In order to get proper colors with my HP560C, I must use "Superprint"
as a printer driver. In the "setup and print" dialog, Amaya indicates that
the driver has been selected, and then shows the print progress window, but
the text never arrives at the HP560C. Printing directly to the HP560C works.
Other programs use this driver without any problem.

BUG? -- After printing from the "Help" window, the main window has the

BUG -- (Documentation) Other than described in "Browsing in Amaya", CTRL-b
and Shift-CTRL-f (CTRL-F) move forward and back through the history list.
ALT-< and ALT-> seem to do nothing.

BUG -- CTRL-b and CTRL-F (Shift-CTRL-f) are asymmetric. This makes them hard
to remember. Unfortunately, CTRL-f is already taken by "Find", so, unless
one wants to go to "Backspace" / "Shift-Backspace", the symmetric pairs one
could use "CTRL-b" / "CTRL-B (Shift-CTRL-B)" and "CTRL-B (Shift-CTRL-B)" /
"CTRL-F (Shift-CTRL-F)".

BUG -- As I remember, when given an URL without a file name (e.g.,
"C:\auxiliary\html\favorites\") a browser should look for and open either
"index.htm(l)" or "default.htm(l)". Amaya does not seem to do this.

BUG -- "Shift Ctrl *" (to activate editor mode) doesn't seem to work on my
keyboard. Is this tied to a key ("top row, 9th from the right") or to the

BUG -- Closing the "View Structure" window with "ALT-F4" also closes the
main document.

FEATURE -- The "Open File" box does not present the last entry. Presenting
the last entry would be useful for correcting a typing error that had
resulted in a file not being found.

FEATURE -- (Documentation) On the US and Germany keyboards (For a really
interesting experience, try a Swiss keyboard.), the "*" always requires the
use of the Shift key. Therefore "Shift Ctrl *" (to activate editor mode) is

FEATURE -- In the help pages, it is not immediately obvious that the "up
arrow" goes to the home page / Table of Contents. I suggest that "Home",
"Table of Contents", or something similar be used instead.

FEATURE -- The Help Table of Contents is not listed under "Help".

FEATURE -- (Actually a question) Why is CTRL-b used for "back"? Internet
Explorer uses "Backspace" and Netscape Navigator uses "ALT-<". "Backspace"
would certainly cause problems in editor mode, but, because IE is the
most-used browser, is a quasi-standard.

FEATURE -- Continuing the theme "Quasi-Standards" : In Internet Explorer,
"Home" ("End") goes to the beginning (end) of the page, not the line.
(Netscape 4.7 does as Amaya does.)

FEATURE -- The "Entering ISO-Latin 1 characters in Amaya" page has no
"Forward", "Back", or "Table of Contents" buttons.

FEATURE -- When text is highlighted, this text should be converted into a
link without having to click it with the little hand ("Links / Create or
change links").

FEATURE -- In the Windows world, CTRL-p, not CTRL-P, brings up the "setup
and print" dialog.

FEATURE -- (Documentation / User Interface // Nitpicking) "Shift-Ctrl-P" is
redundant. The entry should be either "Ctrl-P" or "Shift-Ctrl-p".

R. G. McKenzie
Received on Monday, 7 May 2001 12:22:11 UTC

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