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Amaya 4.2.1: Problems and Bugs

From: Ralf M. Eberle <RalfEberle@web.de>
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 03:47:00 -0400 (EDT)
Message-Id: <200104190746.f3J7kqZ21371@mailgate3.cinetic.de>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Dear Sirs,

I write you this detailed list, because I like to work with Amaya - but it could be a little bit more comfortable if following problems can be solved.

- hr (horizontal ruler) with 'noshade' looks like with 'shade' on in Amaya, but correct in Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator.

- On several places special characters in German as ,,,,,, are not accepted as &...; sequence - they get deleted (ex. 'fr' shows as 'fr' instead of 'fr') or become changed to a wrong sequence ('fr' becomes to für and becomes longer and longer after every saving of the file: für ...).
Found places are (examples with round brackets, that my e-mail program doesn't make problems):
1.) (p)(em)(span title="fr")Credits(/span)(/em)(/p)
2.) (meta name="keywords" xml:lang="de" lang="de" content="fr" /)

- Amaya should remember window size and position:
1.) On startup it should come up as it was on exiting the program last time.
2.) The source-code window should get the same behaviour. It isn't user-friendly, that on a 800*600 screen this window always comes up very far on the right side of the screen with half of the window outside of the display!
3.) The Help-Window is also a little bit on the right side outside of the display. Position and size should be remembered too. 

- If I use a stylesheet inside 'body' to show an background-image with 'repeat' to fill the screen completely, Amaya does what it should. But if I put the same 'background-image: url(...); ...) to a cascading style sheet into the 'head'-section of my file, Amaya shows on both sides of the screen a narrow white border without the background-image. Border-width left is from window-border to beginning text-position. I can narrow this border with margin-left and margin-right settings, but the text moves too, what it shouldn't. Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator don't show this different behaviour, they do it all right in both cases.

- If I use the 'Background-image' function of the Attributes-Menu and give my background-image the attribute 'repeat', then Amaya inserts it as 'no-repeat' as you can see in the source-code.

- Scrolling in windows in Amaya isn't proper: if I fix the scroll-bar with left button-down of my mouse and try to scroll up or down, Amaya often jumps back may be half of the screen and then scrolls on in the desired direction.

- In the Amaya Help a link to the important file CSS.HTML is missing!!! There is no chooseable keyword with a hyperlink to this file!

- When I edit source-code and then 'synchronize' code with faults included, Amaya should directly pop up the parsing-faults window and not only show a message, that there is a fault. As a minimum it should be possible, to open the parsing-faults window with a menu-command inside the source-code window, because if I size this window to full screen, then its a to long way, to get displayed exactly, whats wrong.

- When I insert an image/icon/logo and give it a 'href', then Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator put a border around it, to show, its a hyperlink. Inserting the attribute 'border="0"' lets this border disappear. Amaya should behave in the same way for its easier to debug the page. Today Amaya doesn't show a border when a 'href' is added.

Yours sincerely,

Ralf M. Eberle, Germany.
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