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Table Crash

From: <klescgl@NU.COM>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2000 09:39:38 -0400
To: Amaya@NU.COM
Message-ID: <OFCA4ED554.FDB3F806-ON852568BF.00491A76@nu.com>
Morning All,

While working in Amaya this morning, I was deleting some extra columns in a
table, starting at the bottom and working my way up in the source view.
When I went to delete the last table element, Amaya crashed, and I went
into the Visual C++ debugger.

The table I was editing was initially 2x2, I added a row, and an extra
column appeared in the middle. and I was in the process of deleting that
column. The first row consisted of two <TH> cells, I don't remember what
the new cell was.

I am running the sources that I got from the CVS repository this morning
(8:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time) and built using Visual C++ 6.0 SP3 on a
Win95 machine.

The Exception occurred in:
And was caused by an attempted dereference of a null pointer:

  /* Search for the enclosing box */
  if (pBox->BxAbstractBox->AbEnclosing == NULL)
    mbox = pBox;
      mbox = pBox->BxAbstractBox->AbEnclosing->AbBox;
+->      if (mbox->BxType == BoGhost)
+-< Location of Fault

When the fault occurs, mbox is NULL, therefore the system spit up an access error...

I just tried replicating it, and I couldn't. I'll try again a little later,
and hope that I can duplicate the fault. If there is any more that I can do
to help, let me know...

I hope this helps...

Gary Klesczewski
Received on Wednesday, 12 April 2000 09:41:29 UTC

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