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circumflexed vowels (was: The lost vowels in dialog boxes)

From: Serge Torres <Serge.Torres@ens.fr>
Date: Tue, 04 Apr 2000 07:54:49
Message-Id: <>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

After some testing, none of the "Ctrl <Key>whatever , <Key>a:" combinations
gave me what I was looking for: "" when typing documents and the ability
to use "a" in dialog boxes.
Finally "Alt <Key>a: TctInsertChar("")" works fine for me: Alt
<Key>any_vowel does not collide with another combination I already use, it
can be different for you. Notice that you do not always need to use the
octal code (yes, it's written in the documentation but I did not notice it
before !). 

As for the other characters - ~#{[|`\^@]}) - I use a mix of combinations
(collisions and other problems, remember I'm using an AZERTY French

Alt <Key>": TctInsertChar("#")
Alt <Key>': TctInserChar("{")
Alt <Key>(: TctInserChar("[")
Alt <Key>-: TctInsertChar("|")
# Backtick: <Key> is not recognised
Shift Alt <Key> 7: TctInsertChar("`")
# Backslash : Amaya will not accept "\", use the octal code instead.
Alt <Key>_: TctInsertChar("\134")
# Caret: it can not be used as circumflex accent, event with multikey on.
# and <Key> is not recognised
Shift Alt <Key>9: TctInsertChar("^")
# @ : <Key> is no recognised.
Shif Alt <Key>0: TctInsertChar("@")
Alt <Key>): TctInsertChar("]")
# I had to change ZoomIn Ctrl =
Alt <Key>=: TctInsertChar("}")


Serge Torres

Ecole normale superieure
Received on Tuesday, 4 April 2000 02:54:46 UTC

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