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Enhance Amya to Search for Networds.

From: crystal sikora <crystal@netword.com>
Date: Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:39:24 -0400
Message-ID: <37CD8EFC.46E17BBA@netword.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org

My name is Crystal, I'm with Netword, Inc.  I am writing to propose that
Amya Netword enable the browser so that Internet Users can search using
short simple Networds.  I'll begin by explaining who we are and what we

What are Networds?
      Networds are words or phrases that can be typed into a browser to
search for URLs.

Networds are words, names, phrases, numbers, or other sequences of
characters that solve problems created by the lack of consumer-friendly
addresses for Internet resources. Networds are easy to us and eliminate
memorizing or writing down complicated URLs. Internet users enter
Networds in their browsers to access Web pages, e-mail addresses,
alphanumeric pagers, files to transfer and other Internet protocols.
Owners and users of Internet resources create simple and memorable
Networds for unfamiliar and tongue-twisting URLs, including URLs found
deep within Web sites. Internet users may create an unlimited number of
FREE Networds for their Web sites and other Internet locations.

Owners of commercial Internet resources may register Networds for those
resources at $30 per year, and can manage those Networds online. Those
owners then promote their Networds with traditional media, including TV,
radio, print and word of mouth to increase traffic to their Internet
resources. Trademark owners may register their marks as Networds to
preserve brand identities and increase traffic to their sites.

Any Internet user may create a FREE Netword. All Networds are
immediately available to all Internet users. For example, Mark Mahoney
has a website at GeoCities.com. His URL is
http://www.geocities.com/nappavalley/2066/index.html. Instead of
telling  his friends the long URL, he tells his friends and associates,
in print or over the phone to use the easy Netword : “Ultimate Bad
Candy” to find his site.

How are Networds used?
 Enter Networds in your Browser!

1. Networds may be entered into any Netword enabled browser or Slot. To
    Netword enable a browser just download the small, free Netword
    found at www.netword.com. You can also find thousands of Netword
slots on
    websites. (We provide the HTML code for free at our homepage for the
2. You  can also use Networds if you type netword.com/[anynetword] in
     browser. Do not use spaces when entering Networds in this fashion;
     example, "My Favorite Netword” would be entered as

Networds pointing to businesses, entertainment locations, personal Web
sites, sports figures and teams, TV and radio stations, news stories,
and government entities are currently available in Netword’s database.
Networds like “Netword Patent”, “NY Yankees”, and  “Sesame Street”, take
users directly to those Web pages when entered in Netword-enabled
browsers (with the free software downloaded), or in slots at more  than
5,000 Netword affiliate sites. Users can access databases using Dynamic
Networds such as Quote/[stock ticker symbol]
to access current stock prices for public companies. The Netword System
also recognizes over 4,000,000 top-level domains and takes users to
those Web sites instantly.

How are Networds Created?
 You can create Networds immediately for everyone to use!

1. If an internet user has downloaded the Netword agent they simply
right click on
    the Netword icon, located at the bottom right hand corner of the
screen and
    select "Free Netword” or go to the Netword Netword/Create and create
    FREE Netword for any Internet address.
2. Otherwise, they go to www.netword.com to either create the Netword or
    download the free Netword Agent.

All Networds are immediately available to all Internet users.

The Netword Business Model

1. FREE Networds - Internet users can create FREE Networds for any URL.
    Networds to provide instant Web navigation. All Networds are
    available to all Internet users.
2. Registered Networds - Owners of Internet resources can reserve a
   (subject to the terms and conditions posted on the Netword site) for
$30 per
    year. FREE Networds have no priority and can be registered by
someone else
    at any time.  Registered Networds are yours as long as you pay the
3. myNetwords - Netword users join the myNetwords program to create,
    and post their Networds to the Directory of Networds. Annual fee is
4. Resolved Request -  registered Networds include 10,000 resolved
    Additional requests are $0.01 (one cent) each. (Volume discounts

The following are a couple of options for enhancement:

1.  Include an option on the setup screen called "Enable Networds" that
will resolve
     non-URLs as Networds.
2.  Include Netword as a default and resolve browser commands which
begin with
     nw: (as Networds), like a new protocol.
3.  Include Networds as a default and resolve all non-URLs as Networds.

In return Netword will:

1. If option #3 is applied, Netword will pay a guaranteed monthly fee.
2. If option #2 is applied, Netword will pay per resolved request.
For all options:
3. Netword will furnish the Amya website with a Netword Account
    free of charge, to create Registered Networds to enhance site
navigation and
    promotion. This will also guarantee placement in our directory.
4. Netword will provide prominent placement on our site.  Such as on a
    Page and elsewhere.
5. Amya will receive 20% of all Netword  revenues from customers
    referred to Netword by Amya for a period of one year the date
    of referral, and 10% of all such revenues thereafter.  (These
revenues include
    registration, myNetword membership and resolved request that exceed
   10,000 per month limit)

Who is Netword?

Netword, Inc. based in Gaithersburg, MD., was founded to create an
ubiquitous Internet utility which provides all internet users the next
generation web navigation tool. Netword’s common stock is traded
publicly through quotation in the National Quotation Bureau's "Pink
Sheets." The stock symbol is "NTWD".

Visit the Netword website for a complete explanation of how the patented
system works, at www.netword.com.  I created the Netword: Amya FAQ.  You

can go to our website and download the agent or enter Amya Faq in the
Netword Slot to try it.

Please reply with thoughts and comments.

Thank You,
Crystal Sikora

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