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Re: New Keyboard file

From: Charles McCathieNevile <charles@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 1999 19:29:55 -0400 (EDT)
To: Amaya List <www-amaya@w3.org>
Message-ID: <Pine.LNX.4.10.9908311929070.13212-100000@tux.w3.org>
Whoops. Tistime I have included it at the end of the message.

Charles McCN

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Charles McCathieNevile wrote:

  Dear Amaya users,
  I include here my linux keyboard file, which I have been using since release
  2.1 came out in June. It extends the keyboard commands to cover most of the
  menu items - there are a few types that are missing still.

[etc, but not...]

# personal keyboard file for charles McCN
#moving around 
<Key>Delete:        TtcDeleteSelection() 
<Key>Escape:        TtcParentElement() 
<Key>Return:        TtcCreateElement() 
<Key>Home:          TtcStartOfLine() 
<Key>End:           TtcEndOfLine() 
#<Key>Up:           TtcPreviousLine() 
#<Key>Down:         TtcNextLine() 
#<Key>Right:        TtcNextChar() 
#<Key>Left:         TtcPreviousChar() 
<Key>L6:            TtcCopyToClipboard() 
<Key>L8:            TtcPasteFromClipboard() 
<Key>F6:            TtcCopyToClipboard() 
<Key>F8:            TtcPasteFromClipboard() 
Ctrl <Key>a:        TtcStartOfLine() 
Ctrl <Key>e:        TtcEndOfLine() 
Ctrl <Key>j:        TtcPreviousElement() 
Ctrl <Key>k:        TtcNextElement()
Ctrl <Key>Return:        CreateBreak("\212") 
Ctrl <Key>Space:        TtcInsertChar("\240")
Ctrl <Key>-:        TtcChildElement()
Ctrl <Key>Home:     TtcPageTop() 
Ctrl <Key>End:      TtcPageEnd() 

Ctrl <Key>1:        CreateHeading1() 
Ctrl <Key>2:        CreateHeading2() 
Ctrl <Key>3:        CreateHeading3() 
Ctrl <Key>4:        CreateHeading4() 
Ctrl <Key>5:        CreateHeading5() 
Ctrl <Key>6:        CreateHeading6() 
Ctrl <Key>l , Ctrl <Key>d:        CreateDefinitionList() 
Ctrl <Key>l , Ctrl <Key>o:        CreateNumberedList() 
Ctrl <Key>l , Ctrl <Key>u:        CreateList() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>B:        CreateElemStrong() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>I:        CreateElemEmphasis() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>d:        CreateElemDEL() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>i:        CreateElemINS() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>a:        CreateElemAbbr() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>p:        CreateParagraph() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>v:        CreateDivision() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>t:        CreateTable() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>h:        CreateHeadingCell()

#style menu 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>c:         CreateClass() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>a:         ApplyClass() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>o:         OpenCSS() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>r:         RemoveCSS() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>t:         TtcChangeFormat() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Shift Ctrl <Key>C:         TtcChangeColors() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>f:         TtcChangeCharacters() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>l:         LinkCSS()
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>e:         EnableCSS()
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>d:         DisableCSS()

Shift Ctrl <Key>!: CreateComment() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>S: CreateStyle()

Shift Ctrl <Key>L:    CreateOrChangeLink() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>D:        DeleteAnchor() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>T:    CreateTarget()

#edit menu 
Ctrl <Key>w:          TtcCutSelection() 
Ctrl <Key>y:          TtcPaste() 
Ctrl <Key>z:          TtcUndo() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>Z:    TtcRedo() 
Shift Alt <Key>%:     TtcSearchText() 
Ctrl <Key>c:          TtcCopySelection() 
Ctrl <Key>d:          TtcDeleteSelection() 
Shift Ctrl <Key>*:    SetBrowserEditor() 
Ctrl <Key>t , Ctrl <Key>x:    TransformType()

#File menu 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>f:          OpenDoc() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>2:    OpenDocInNewWindow() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>n:          New() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>t:          NewTemplate() 
Ctrl <Key>s , Ctrl <Key>n:          NewCss() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>p:          PrintAs() 
Ctrl <Key>p:    SetupAndPrint() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>s:          SaveDocument() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>w:          SaveDocumentAs() 
Ctrl <Key>b:                          GotoPreviousHTML() 
Ctrl <Key>f:                  GotoNextHTML() 
Alt <Key>r:           Reload() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>k:        TtcCloseDocument() 
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>c:        AmayaClose()

#View Menu
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>a:        TtcSwitchCommands() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>b:        TtcSwitchButtonBar() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>c:        ShowToC() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>i:        ShowAlternate() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>l:        ShowLinks() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>m:        ShowMapAreas() 
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>s:        ShowStructure()
Ctrl <Key>v , Ctrl <Key>t:        ShowTargets() 
Alt <Key>+:        ZoomIn() 
Alt <Key>-:        ZoomOut()
Ctrl <Key>m , Ctrl <Key>M:        CreateMTABLE() 
Ctrl <Key>m , Ctrl <Key>P:        CreateMROW() 
Ctrl <Key>m , Ctrl <Key>S:        CreateMSUBSUP() 
Ctrl <Key>m , Ctrl <Key>U:        CreateMUNDEROVER() 
Shift Alt <Key>E:       CreateMath() 
Shift Alt <Key>F:       CreateMFRAC() 
Shift Alt <Key>M:       CreateMMULTISCRIPTS() 
Shift Alt <Key>O:       CreateMOVER() 
Shift Alt <Key>P:       CreateMSUP() 
Shift Alt <Key>Q:       CreateMSQRT() 
Shift Alt <Key>R:       CreateMROOT() 
Shift Alt <Key>S:       CreateMSUB() 
Shift Alt <Key>U:       CreateMUNDER() 
Shift Alt <Key>W:       CreateMROW() 
Shift Alt <Key>X:       CreateMSUBSUP() 
Shift Alt <Key>Y:       CreateMUNDEROVER()
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