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Re: Wishlist item.

From: Paul Derbyshire <derbyshire16@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 06:20:04 EDT
Message-ID: <19990707102005.24034.qmail@hotmail.com>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
    That palette exists. If you click on the math button and the last entry
within the Math palette, Amaya will display a set of symbols.
If you only click on one of these symbols, Amaya will add the corresponding
entity. We could add buttons to directly call palettes.

There are Greek letters on it, but they're MathML Greek letters and won't
work in most browsers -- Amaya still seems to be the only browser with
MathML! There is no provision whatever for copyright, registered trademark,
trademark, various other symbols, accented characters etc. A language
selector (to choose a character set) and a palette with the specials
(copyright etc.) and that language's accented characters, would be nice.

BTW, Irene, your ISP is being a poor net neighbor. They are rejecting all 
mail from Hotmail quite rudely and without cause. They claim Hotmail is a 
spam haven, but it is not; a lot of spam may claim to be from Hotmail, but 
nearly all of that has a faked origin address and really came from 
elsewhere. Any system administrator or postmaster with any brains and 
competence knows forged mail when they see it as it retains a signaturer of 
its true origin in a header called Received. Moreover, any competent 
administrator knows to use ORBS and RBL as guides to what sites to block due 
to spam. ORBS and RBL are publically maintained and peer-reviewed lists of, 
respectively, spam havens and open relays that can be abused. Hotmail is in 
neither and a spam source or relay is soon put in these blacklists. What 
rare spam is sent from Hotmail is the last of its kind as Hotmail kills 
spammer accounts very quickly.

I suggest you complain to the ISP (I already have but they might actually 
listen when it comes from a customer). If they do not respond in a 
satisfactory manner, then you should tell everyone you know that's on your 
ISP. Force them to change their ways... threaten their source of income. 
Threaten a boycott if need be.

I have notified Hotmail's administrators of this nastiness as well... they 
may also be having a word with your ISP soon.

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