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Re: Willful Page Layout

From: David J Woolley <djw@bts.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1998 19:36:04 +0100
Message-Id: <199808071834.TAA28335@saracen.bts.co.uk>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
> the way Amaya-1.3beta does layout a page differs from both Netscape-4.05
> and Internet-Explorer-3.0 (they both have about the same idea about our
> pages). Have a look at: http://www.darmstadt.gmd.de to see what I mean.

The URL you quote is not valid HTML.  I would suggest you get it to 
report no errors on http://validator.w3.org/ before comparing 
browsers.  (Whoops - looks like this was forwarded by the owner of

Secondly HTML is a logical markup language; if you are trying to 
control precise layout, you should use PDF.

There does seem to be a problem with rowspan; it looks like it has 
recongized rowspan, but not the true height of the image.  
(Stretching the image vertically hasn't helped, but it still seems 
to have allocated less than the natural size of the image.

You shouldn't use jpeg for line drawings.

This is yet another possible rendering of the page:

                                              GMD Darmstadt Home Page (p1 of 2)

   German National Research Center
   for Information Technology

   [INLINE]   GMD - Forschungszentrum
     Informationstechnik GmbH

   Welcome to GMD in Darmstadt  -  Willkommen bei der GMD in Darmstadt

   25th Anniversary of GMD in Darmstadt, 29/30 Oct. 1998
   Aktuell:[1] 25 Jahre GMD in Darmstadt, 29./30. Okt. 1998
   [2]Hochzeitsturm, a famous landmark of Darmstadt

   [3][LINK] [4]IPSI - Integrated Publication and Information Systems
   IPSI - Institut f&uuml;r Integrierte Publikations- und
   [5][LINK] [6]TKT - Institute for Telecooperation Technology
   [7]TKT - Institut für TeleKooperationsTechnik
   [8][LINK] [9]Program Management for Specialized Information Promotion
   [10]PTF - Projektträger Fachinformation

   [12]GMD Headquarters, Sankt Augustin
   [13]GMD-Zentrale, Sankt Augustin

   Design: Ingrid Crüger, GMD-IPSI, 02/98

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