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Div by Zero, Overridng PS File, Win32 1.3 (PrintDoc)

From: David J Woolley <djw@bts.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 17:06:20 +0100
Message-Id: <199808041605.RAA10260@saracen.bts.co.uk>
To: www-amaya@w3.org
If you override the Postscript output filename (typically to 
d:\xxxxx.ps) the Win32 build of Amaya aborts with a repeatable divide 
by zero in PrintDoc.  (Full Dr Watson available if required)

function: PrintDoc
        100107c1 83c404           add     esp,0x4
        100107c4 8945fc           mov     [ebp-0x4],eax          ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107c7 8b4d0c           mov     ecx,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107ca 6bc948           imul    ecx,ecx,0x48
        100107cd a1786c1810       mov     eax,[10186c78]         ds:10186c78=00000000
        100107d2 99               cdq
        100107d3 2bc2             sub     eax,edx
        100107d5 d1f8             sar     eax,1
        100107d7 03c1             add     eax,ecx
        100107d9 99               cdq
FAULT ->100107da f73d786c1810     idiv    dword ptr [10186c78]   ds:10186c78=00000000
        100107e0 8945fc           mov     [ebp-0x4],eax          ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107e3 8b550c           mov     edx,[ebp+0xc]          ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107e6 8955fc           mov     [ebp-0x4],edx          ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107e9 8b4510           mov     eax,[ebp+0x10]         ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107ec 50               push    eax
        100107ed e8287f0400       call    PrintDoc+0x5763e (1005871a)
        100107f2 83c404           add     esp,0x4
        100107f5 8945e4           mov     [ebp-0x1c],eax         ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107f8 8b4d10           mov     ecx,[ebp+0x10]         ss:0116d49a=????????
        100107fb 6bc948           imul    ecx,ecx,0x48
        100107fe a1786c1810       mov     eax,[10186c78]         ds:10186c78=00000000

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