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Alt or Meta key?

From: <bob@rattlesnake.com>
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 20:09:08 -0500 (EST)
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    i486-decpc-linux-gnu, X toolkit

How do I configure Alt or Meta key bindings to work?
On my system, they work with Emacs and Netscape.

According to the documentation in
I should be able to specify `Ctrl', `Alt', or `Meta' 
as a Modifier in `/usr/local/Thot/config/amaya.keyboard'.

I have done this, but the keys do not work.  

Here are my additions to amaya.keyboard:

## Alt key bindings

Alt <Key>v:	TtcPageUp()
Alt <Key>r:	Reload()
Alt <Key>w:	TtcCloseDocument()
Alt <Key>x:	AmayaClose()

The Alt key bindings failed, but these bindings work:

Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>v:      TtcPageUp()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>r:	Reload()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>w:	TtcCloseDocument()
Ctrl <Key>x , Ctrl <Key>c:	AmayaClose()

And, also, how does one get Amaya to reread the
amaya.keyboard without restarting a new Amaya? 



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