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Form rendering oddity

From: Olly Betts <olly@muscat.co.uk>
Date: 4 Dec 1997 18:10:03 -0000
To: www-amaya@w3.org
Message-Id: <slrn68dsfr.8c3.olly@noxious.muscat.co.uk>
I'm using Amaya 1.1c on Linux, and discovered a rendering oddity on:


This is a form with a <TEXTAREA> and 2 text buttons.  Amaya renders the
2 buttons *on top of* the <TEXTAREA>.

As far as I can see, the HTML is OK.  "weblint -x Netscape" only complains
that "the COORDS attribute is required for the <area> element", which
appears to be because it doesn't fully know about area=default (a Netscape

Amaya itself complains:
line 14, char 20: Unknown attribute value "shape = default"
line 44, char 7: Unknown attribute "target"

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