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Re: Doc on "How To Build A Webpage" in Amaya?

From: Laurent Carcone <carcone@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2010 22:14:50 +0200
Message-ID: <4BD5F43A.9050401@w3.org>
To: Jeff Hunt <jeffhunt90@gmail.com>
CC: www-amaya-doc@w3.org
Thanks for your initiative Jeff, it can be very helpful.
I you want to add some other pages, we can add a link from the Amaya 

Laurent Carcone

(btw, I have fixed the missing link in the Contributors page)

Le 18/04/2010 09:04, Jeff Hunt a écrit :
> I have put a couple of pages on the internet at
> http://dnwfriends.nzl.org/amayaproject/tut1.html to give newbies a way
> to begin to tinker with Amaya and start their own website. I am not at
> all confident that anyone will use it but I think I should try.
> I'm hampered by the fact that I learned my coding on a text editor and
> tend not to use the fancy bits of Amaya.
> These pages are a mess at present but it's early days.  If anyone
> thinks I may be on to something I'd like to hear. Or if anyone wants
> to take it and run with it that would be great.
> Anyway I'll get up a few more pages and try to get something that's helpful.
> Regards.
> On 2/22/10, Janet Norman-Philips<jnphilips@gn.apc.org>  wrote:
>> Hi Charles
>> Just to ad another perspective.
>> I tried using Amaya a while back but I couldn't find a way in that I
>> understood.
>> I'm not particularly familiar with HTML and I'm not a techie.
>> I gave up trying to use Amaya.
>> If I'd had a document to follow that told me how to build a web page it
>> would have helped a lot.
>> But I mean, how to do it from the very beginning.
> [...]
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