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Re: Integration of Amaya with other wxWidgets app

From: Stephane Gully <stephane.gully@inrialpes.fr>
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 09:32:18 +0100
Message-ID: <41E38F12.3070606@inrialpes.fr>
To: Francesco Montorsi <f18m_cpp217828@yahoo.it>
CC: Amaya ML <www-amaya-dev@w3.org>

> Hi all,
>    I've just downloaded amaya 9.0 and it looks very impressive !!
> Good work ! It's going to be one of my favourite tools...

Thank you, we really appreciate!

> Anyway, what I'd like to ask is: I'm developing an open source
> wxWidgets-based application... I was wondering: is there a way
> to integrate the amaya editor window within another wx-based app ?
As I said earlier on the wxWidgets mailing list, it should be possible 
to create a "wxAmaya" widget but I think there is a lot of work :
- Every Amaya commands should be disconnected from the user interface 
and maybe a wxWidgets classe should be created to register Amaya 
commands and be able to call it when something append.
- Some work should be also necessary to isolate differents view of the 
document and maybe create wxWidgets interfaces to manipulate documents 
and view ...
- Network code is not compatible with wxSockets ... it uses libwww and I 
didnt succeed to integrate wxSocket in Amaya :(
- Finally I think there is a lot of work around events and eventloop 
because If you want to create a Amaya widgets it supposes that Amaya 
should be pluggable into an existing evenloop ... This point is not easy 
I think.

> I'm starting to dig into amaya developers doc; can you give me an hint
> about the name of the class which handles the document editor window 
> of amaya ?

To be short : Each documents are rendered into a opengl canvas which is 
named "AmayaCanvas" (inherits from wxGLCanvas), each canvas is embedded 
on a frame ("AmayaFrame"), each frame is embedded in a notebook 
("AmayaNotebook") page ("AmayaPage"), the notebook is embedded in a 
window ("AmayaWindow" which inerits from wxFrame).


Stéphane GULLY - (http://www.zeitoun.net)
Received on Tuesday, 11 January 2005 08:33:00 UTC

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