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Browser search for Museum Kiosk - any ideas?

From: David Galbraith <dgalbraith@rbg.ca>
Date: Tue, 14 May 2002 15:52:45 -0400
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I am looking for a specialized browser for HTML. We have a set of HTML pages
(a conventional web site) that we would like to present on a stand-alone
iMac computer to visitors to a museum - sort of a kiosk application. The web
site is not large, and does not contain complex material, asp or databases.
The files are all html, images, a few mvi films and a few flash animations.
We have nearly completed the HTML version of the material. The museum is
advising us to re-build the entire presentation as a new multimedia
presentation in a program like Macromedia Director, which it believes cannot
be attacked by malicious vistors (although we have had such presentations
brought down by visitors).

The museum is very worried that most web browsers would present
opportunities for malicious visitors to close down the browser and attack
the computer itself, using the only offered interface device: a touch pad. I
hope to find a web browser that will use our existing HTML version of the

I am therefore looking for a browser that:

1. Can operate on a standard iMac.
2. Can operate with only input from a touch pad and associated buttons - no
keyboard - for the browsing functions during most operations.
3. Cannot be disabled, entered or other wise hacked by any user of the
computer in its "kiost" configuration. In other words, the browser should
not present any controls to the user: no menues or buttons that could
possibly be used to close the browser program or access other software: only
HTML navigation buttons or similar features allowed, and no possiblity of
accessing other documents on the machine (the machine is not attached to any
network or the internet).

I would be very grateful for any suggestions about suitable browser
software. And of course, we are a non-profit organization looking to get a
solution to our problem without hiring a programmer. 

With best wishes,

Dr David A. Galbraith
Manager of Biodiversity Projects
Royal Botanical Gardens
P.O. Box 399
Hamilton, Ontario L8N 3H8, Canada
Tel 905 527-1158, ext. 309
Fax 905 577-0375
Email: dgalbraith@rbg.ca
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